Hydromax X30 Penis Enlargement Product Review

The Bathmate Hydromax X30 is the newest member of the Bathmate family of penile enlargement pumps. These pumps have been in use for a number of over five years in many different parts of the world.

The Bathmate is arguably the leading brand in the penile enlargement pump industry. So what does the new Hydromax X30 bring to the table? Here is a sneak peak on what to expect from this new market entrant.

The packaging of the Hydromax X30 is no different from that of the ones that came before it. It is a good thing that the discrete nature of packaging these pumps has been retained with the Hydromax X30. The pump also still comes with a one year warranty and a ‘No Risk’ money back guarantee for a month. Clients can still have the enlargement pump delivered to their doorstep at a small extra fee.

There seems to be a number of improvements that have been made on the Hydromax which make it fundamentally different from the old versions of the pump. These improvements have made the Hydromax better than all its predecessors in a number of ways.

One of the most notable differences between the Hydromax X30 and the older pumps is the comfort pad. The manufacturer over at Bathmate must have had the comfort needs of the user closely in mind with the new comfort pad.

It has been made considerably thicker. Anyone who has used the older versions of the pump is bound to notice this. Using the new Hydromax is therefore far much more comfortable than the older pumps. Apart from the question of comfort, the thicker comfort pad in the Hydromax X30 has greatly improved its ability to hold pressure, as compared to the older pumps. There is however one disadvantage associated with the thicker comfort pad. It has made it impossible for men with bigger sex organs to use the new pump.

The Hydromax X30 can only be used by persons who have a manhood of not more than 8.5 inches. Such persons can however always use older versions such as the Bathmate Hercules.
Another notable difference is that it is possible to rotate the Hydromax through an angle of three hundred and sixty degrees while using it. This is possible due to the introduction of the swivel bellows in the new pump. Rotating the pump while in use is definitely something to try out once an individual has had his order delivered.

There has been a reduction in the size of the convolutes in the new pump. This coupled with an increase in size for the internal bellow has made the Hydromax X30 better than the others in terms of expansion capabilities. This will definitely go down well with most users of the Bathmate penile enlargement pumps.
Another notable difference that cannot go unnoticed by those who have experience using these pumps is the soft ring at the bottom. It may sound like a very insignificant addition to the Hydromax, but wait until you hear what it does.

The primary importance of this ring is that it prevents sucking in of the scrotal suck into the pump. Thanks to this ring, there are no chances of a user experiencing any pain at the base of the penis. Last but not least, the ring can be used for pleasure by the user.

The user can therefore incorporate a little pleasure in his daily pump use. It is very easy to dismiss this soft ring as an additional feature that adds no value to the pump. Clearly, it has a great role to play.

It would be interesting to note that it is possible to use single hand filling with the new Hydromax X30. The manufacturer has introduced a special latch valve in the new pump which makes the mentioned activity possible. Single hand filling is a concept that was not achievable with the previous versions of the Bathmate. It helps to enhance the overall experience of using this new pump.

It would be unfair to review the Hydromax X30 without mentioning something about its superior pressure holding ability. One reason for this superiority as earlier mentioned is the thicker comfort pad. However, there are other reasons.

The new pump has a stiffer gator than its predecessors. This gator is further tape sealed to hold in as much pressure as possible. The metal gauge of the new band has also been fitted with additional bands in a bid to make the Hydromax the ultimate pressure-holding pump. This comes as good news considering the great importance attached to the ability to hold pressure for penile enlargement pumps.

The simplicity and clarity of the metric system used in the Hydromax X30 leaves a lot to be desired. It is easier to see the degree of increase in penis size better on the Hydromax than on the older pumps. This therefore implies that it is easier to keep track of the progress being made.

In as much as there are a number of new features on the Hydromax X30, there are other features that are not different from the traditional Bathmate. The design of the pump has not changed one bit. From a slight distance it is not very easy to distinguish between an older pump and the new Hydromax X30. It also still comes in the traditional Bathmate colors which are clear, orange and blue.

The new pump also still works in both air and water. For faster results it is advisable to use it in water. The Hydromax has no side effects associated with its use as yet, just like its predecessors. The price of the Hydromax X30 is a bit on the high side.

The difference between its price and that of a traditional Bathmate could be as forty dollars in some places. This is probably because it is still new in the market. There is the possibility that the price may come down after some time on the market as is the case with most products.